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Clear Bubble Dome Tent – Bring You In Contact With Nature!

NDS Forest Park is surrounded by river, with water flowing in the mountains and mountains standing in the water. It has a rare tropical rainforest in China, which has nurtured more than 3,000 kinds of plants, including more than 700 kinds of medicinal plants and more than 20 kinds of plants protected by the State. Visitors in the mountains, as if walking in the plant museum. The scenic area is built according to the 4A level standard, and there is a glamping bubble dome tent, can enjoy the starry sky, sunrise, sunset and find the most innocent fun.

ال clear Bubble Dome Tent is a good choice for living and glamping. It is a totally see-through bubble dome tent and allows you to install a curtain system for privacy. Therefore, you can sleep inside and enjoy the starry or memorable dinner on a wonderful night.

Unlike the PVC dome tent, its main material is transparent polycarbonate sheets and aluminum alloy frame, which is virtually unbreakable between -30 and 70 degrees centigrade. Therefore, the bubble dome tent is totally all-season products, meantime, it offers excellent light transmittance, great fire resistance, marvelous strength to withstand the sudden stormy wind, heave snow, rainstorm, etc. The Bubble Dome Tent offers great durability and lasts 10 years at least without yellowing nor damaging.

With more than 10 years of experience and high efficient working style, Stars Tent can build the prototype and will make customer’s ideas come true within short time. Stars Tent has designed some products based on polycarbonate and acrylic, It is can be used for hotel, restaurant, glamping, and display application. No matter you are planning start your campground business, Stars Tent definitely is one of your best choice. Please feel free to contact us!