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Would You Camped At Luxury Canvas Safari Tent For Weekend Getaway?

Would you sleep in a glamping tent? Camped at luxury canvas safari tent for weekend getaway. FS Travel Camp located at the foot of the mountain winds up along the path. There are ancient vines are knotted, the stone bridge is secluded, and the rare grass and flowers are beautiful.

The most fun in this Camp is different luxury canvas tents that attracts tourists. Choose good weather, watch the stars at night, and watch the sea of clouds at sunrise. Whether it is a parent-child or a couples trip, I believe that FS Travel Camp will bring a different experience. FS Travel Camp is a wild luxury glamping resorts. These safari canvas tents are equipped with air-conditioned toilets. And the camp includes container swimming pools, container house and other entertainment facilities. It is suitable for travel, parties and other outdoor activities.

There are a total of seven glamping domes here, which are located in the best part of the camp to watch the sea of clouds. These geodesic dome shaped like stars, look like a floating bubble under aerial photography. Each domes room is equipped with electric star-gazing sky curtains, independent toilets. There are double bed rooms and the large viewing platform, it can see the sea of clouds during the day and the stars at night.

There are also eight constellation luxury canvas tents, located in the middle of the 2,000-square-meter lawn and tea garden. These luxury canvas tents are equipped with a separate bathroom and air conditioning. There are double rooms and twin rooms, each room has a small terrace, equipped with outdoor loungers or courtyard swings.