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ساحة خيمة سفاري - الخيام الفاخرة تعيد تعريف التخييم الفخم إلى فن

ال Safari Tent Square nestled in nature’s embrace, our luxurious tents redefine glamping into an art of comfort. Experience spacious interiors, opulent amenities, and unmatched style that your guests deserve. Have you ever thought about choosing a quiet spot in a busy city to live a simple, refined life when the nights are quiet? Let’s camp at JS Dream Camp if you like!

JS Dream Camp located in a unique low mountain and hilly landform. Which it is a resort and tourism area integrating ecology and leisure vacation. At this camp, you will experience the luxurious Safari Tent – Square offered by نجوم جلامبينج, which cater to the camping needs of families of all ages.

Safari Tent – Square consists of ten tents with unique shapes that offer 48 square meters. The unique spire design, which borrows from prototypes of spire towers. It allows one to see the log-colored spire design of the resorts tent at a glance from a distance… It is made of high quality PVDF material roof cover, and with waterproof inner oxford cloth. These resorts tents are equipped with a queen bed and an extra bed. An ensuite bathroom and a living room facing the deck, can provide extra space and relaxation. This luxury glamping tent have a separate area, giving each guest a sense of intimacy and peace. While the curtains in the Safari Tent – Square also ensure privacy for guests.

You can’t even believe that opening a glamping resort has never been easier. Stars Glamping provide different luxurious tents design that will boost your camp business!