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This Polycarbonate Dome Tent , which is a transparent bubble tent that no need to inflate. Stars Tent provide series of transparent domes are currently available from 3.5m to 5m and 4.5m+2.1m diameters etc. They can be used in transparent hotel, igloo, greenhouse, restaurant, bars and so on.

Polycarbonate Dome Tent is made of polycarbonate, which has high toughness, high strength, super weather resistance and flame retardant, and this material is often used to make transparent explosion-proof shields bulletproof and cars window. Thus, this material has a very high safety index.

Different from the ordinary PVC transparent bubble tent on the market. Stars Tent Polycarbonate Dome Tent have high impact resistance and good protection performance. It is a very safe shelter when used in the wild. In summer, you can get some amazing pictures from this transparent dome, which clear to see and refracts beautiful light. In winter, bring a heater, you and your family can freely move, play, perform in this tent, don’t worry, it supports up to 60℃.

The Star Tent team maintains the highest tent industry standards and provides a full service approach to customers worldwide.

الاستفسار الآن


Different size Geodesic domes

4.5M Diameter

  • Total Surface: Diameter 4.5m(15.9㎡)
  • Main Frame: Polycarbonate Dome
  • Guests: 6 – 8
  • Air Conditioner: Yes
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5.3M Diameter

  • Main Frame Size: Diameter 5.3m(22.05㎡)
  • Bathroom Size: Diameter 2.1m(3.5㎡)
  • Main Frame: Polycarbonate Dome
  • Guests: 2
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathroom: Yes
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