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About us

Welcome to Stars Glamping Tent. We understand your need for comfort and luxury in the great outdoors. Founded in 2018 by Kevin, our company offers top-quality Glamping Domes. Our domes are elegant, sturdy, and perfect for any setting. They suit resorts, campgrounds, hotels, and Airbnb hosts. We promise unforgettable outdoor experiences with every dome. Trust us to enhance your glamping adventure.

Worldwide delivery

We deliver our domes safely and quickly, usually within 3 to 6 weeks, using strong plywood boxes for protection.

12 Months Warranty

We offer a 12-month warranty on our domes. They’re made with care to be free from defects, ensuring quality. 

Quick Return

Our customers often see their investment pay off quickly, usually within a single busy season.

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    Glamping 30
    Glamping 40
    Gramping 50
    Glamping 80

    Glamping Dome 30

    "A Compact Luxury"
    Our Glamping 30 tent, encompassing 28.3 square meters, is expertly designed for 1-2 people. It provides a comfortable and intimate environment, ideal for couples or solo travelers seeking tranquility. We have crafted each space to offer a blend of convenience and luxury, ensuring a delightful stay close to nature.

    Base: ≈28.3㎡ / 304.6sq ft
    Diameter: ≈6m / 19.7ft
    Height: ≈3m / 9.84ft
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    Glamping Dome 40

    "Spacious Elegance"

    We proudly present the Glamping 40, a 38.5 square meter haven suitable for 2-3 guests. This model is a perfect choice for small families or friends, offering a blend of spaciousness and warmth. We ensure that every corner of the tent is a testament to comfort and style.

    Base: ≈38.5㎡ / 414.4 sq ft
    Diameter: ≈7m / 23.0 ft
    Height: ≈3.5m / 11.5ft
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    Glamping Dome 50

    "Ultimate Comfort"

    Our largest model, the Glamping 50, spans 50.2 square meters and accommodates 2-5 people. It represents the pinnacle of our glamping collection, offering ample space for larger groups or families. The tent is a harmonious fusion of expansive luxury and functional design, ideal for those seeking an extraordinary outdoor experience.

    Base: ≈50.2㎡ / 540.3sq ft
    Diameter: ≈8m / 26.2ft
    Height: ≈4m / 13.1ft
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    Glamping Dome 50

    Spacious Luxury
    Our 10m Glamping Dome, the epitome of spacious luxury. With four bedrooms, it's the perfect choice for larger groups or families seeking a lavish outdoor escape. Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the comfort of separate sleeping quarters. The 10m dome offers ample space for relaxation and creates a unique, unforgettable glamping experience.

    Base: ≈78.5㎡ / 845.0sq ft
    Diameter: ≈10m / 32.8ft
    Height: ≈5m / 16.4ft
    Build your Dome

    Complete package

    Our Glamping dome kits come equipped with almost all necessary components for a quick and efficient setup. Just add your personal touch with furniture and appliances, and your retreat will be guest-ready in no time​​.

    Panoramic Bay Window
    A large, curved window offering expansive views of the surrounding landscape. It enhances the connection with nature while providing ample natural light.
    The main access point to the dome, designed for ease of use and security, often complemented with a sturdy door to ensure privacy and safety.
    Glass Window
    The clear, durable window that allow natural light to enter while offering a clear view of the outside, adding to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the dome.
    مروحة العادم الشمسية
    An eco-friendly ventilation system powered by solar energy. It helps in maintaining air circulation and a comfortable temperature inside the dome.
    Create your dream kitchen with our custom options, featuring stylish countertops and top-tier appliances for the ultimate blend of function and fashion.
    A compact and efficient heating solution, perfect for maintaining a cozy temperature inside the dome, especially during cooler evenings or in colder climates.
    Expertly integrated, the chimney safely vents out smoke and emissions, enhancing the glamping experience with comfort and style.
    منور كهربائي
    An overhead window that allows natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and airy ambiance. It also offers a view of the sky, perfect for stargazing at night.

    Interior Modules

    Choose from a variety of luxurious, functional modules including bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms to tailor your glamping dome to your specific needs. Our flexible design options allow for a unique and personal guest experience

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    Interior design

    Invite your guests to an extraordinary experience. Elevate their stay with elegance and coziness, even in the most secluded spots. Our domes provide an immersive way for your guests to relish the unique beauty of nature.

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    "It was a good investment for us. Good balance price-value. Since the reservations are coming in so fast, we will have to install another Glamping Dome soon to keep up with the demand."


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    "Adding Stars Glamping Tents to our campground has boosted bookings. They offer a perfect mix of outdoor adventure and comfort, and are incredibly durable."


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    "Stars Glamping Tents have transformed my Airbnb, attracting more guests with their stylish design and comfort. Easy setup and excellent support."


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    Memorable Experience
    for Your Guests

    Our glamping domes are designed to provide a unique and luxurious stay, making each guest feel special and valued during their time with us.

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    Personalized Design

    With a wide range of options for colors, doors, windows, and other accessories, we offer the flexibility to design a dome that perfectly suits your aesthetic and functional needs​.

    Size Variations

    Our domes come in multiple sizes, from intimate pods ideal for couples to larger suites suitable for families, offering versatility to cater to different guest preferences and needs.

    All-Weather Durability

    Designed to withstand diverse climatic conditions, our domes are fully enclosed, waterproof, insulated, and equipped with solar-powered ventilation. This ensures a comfortable experience regardless of the weathe.

    Easy maintenance
    Our glamping domes are designed with low maintenance in mind. The steel components are treated to prevent corrosion, while the dome membranes are UV-resistant and coated with a microbicidal layer.
    Long-lasting Durability

    Our commitment to using the finest materials and a detailed manufacturing process ensures that our glamping domes are not just durable, but also stand the test of time.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Our domes are designed with minimal environmental impact in mind. The materials used blend seamlessly with natural surroundings and are fabricated using certified, fire-retardant materials, facilitating a smoother planning permission process.

    Easy Assembly

    Designed for straightforward self-assembly, our domes come with all necessary tools, manuals, and video tutorials, making the setup process efficient and user-friendly. We also offer assembly services and training for added convenience​.

    Fast Return on Investment

    The time it takes to recoup the investment in our domes can vary, but many of our customers have reported achieving full return on investment within just one busy season. This underscores the financial viability and attractiveness of our dome products.

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