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Luxury Clear Dome House For Outdoor Glamping

Luxury Clear Dome House is the best residential tent, glamping dome tent and restaurant tent. It is a great product for Outdoor Camping Tent, Bubble House, Gourmet Restaurant, Scenic Resort Hotels, Outdoor Hotels, Star-rated Hotels, Private Villas, etc. Stars Glamping’s Clear Dome House is made of Transparent Polycarbonate Sheets, sometime we called PC Dome Tent, and it is a totally see-through dome tent, It provides a very good sight with its high transparency. And allows you to install a curtain system for privacy.



Our clear dome  tent is not only looks very beautiful but also has great security. The PC panel is explosion-proof, and its double-sided UV resistant coating ensures heat insulation. The heating and cooling system can also be installed inside, to provide a comfortable and safe living environment in four seasons.


ال clear dome house is another synonym for romance. It brings you 360 degrees immersive nature experiences. You can escape from the noise of the city and enjoy a different way of life. Also you can sleep inside and enjoy a starry or memorable dinner on a wonderful night. If you are planing to added more special things for your glamping site, this luxury dome house will be a good choice!