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Stars Glamping – Your Ideal Glamping Tent Manufacture

نجوم جلامبينج takes the responsibility of providing professional all-terrain outdoor space application solutions for customers. Providing global users with customized products, high-end luxury tent hotel design, tourist attractions and campgrounds. It is a glamorous tent planning company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and construction. Your Ideal Glamping Tent Manufacture for hotel, resorts, airbnb and campground.


Our company has a large elite design team, including professors from China designers who have worked abroad for many years, who cooperate with each other to design a variety of luxury hotel tents for customers. A unique way to meet the characteristics of the local landscape. نجوم جلامبينج is positioned as an artistic landscape architecture, divided into three series خيمة القبة, Safari Tent, خيمة فاخرة.



Whether it is alpine, snow, forest, island, city park, etc. There is always a glamping tents that complements the local nature, harmonious and beautiful. And the transformation process has very little impact on the destruction of nature. We have conducted in-depth market research, explored and explored, and developed technical solutions for glamping tents. Included ventilation, insulation, wind and snow resistance, privacy, layout and other issues. We have made unremitting efforts to create a diversified in-depth wild luxury glamping tent experience.



Not only that, نجوم جلامبينج also provides customers with professional pre-planning of scenic campsites. Interior soft furnishing with planning suggestions and other services. We have exported many successful cases to the world, including tented camps in USA, Canada, Romania, Philippines, Oman, Qatar etc… It helping clients to increase camp occupancy and achieve value-added goals.



The vision of نجوم جلامبينج is to provide modular and simple hotel tent products for our customers. And to provide a new “back to nature” vacation experience for the general public. which is the strength of being a professional glamping tent manufacturer.