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Product Description

The appearance of the Safari Tent – Taurus is like a small house in a fairy tale. Unlike other tents, it has a strong usability. Whether it is cold winter or hot summer, whether it is in plateau or rain-forest, or grassland, desert, island, etc. Stars Glamping manufactured the Safari Tent – Taurus will not be affected by the environment.

This canvas Safari Tent – Taurus is simple in appearance, yet comfortable and warm. The outer tent is stretched on the top with PVC membrane to protect from wind and rain, and the double-sided coated cloth not only increases its service life, but also has a certain self-cleaning function due to its smooth surface, which can be washed by rain only. Wash away the surface soot and dirt. The inner tent is made of soft-touch Oxford cloth, which is thick and wear-resistant, and has good softness and breath ability, which is more suitable for home decoration.

The main structure of the canvas Safari Tent – Taurus, in addition to the solid wood support in the picture, can also be made of aluminum alloy or galvanized steel pipe. The wood structure also will be treated with anti-corrosion, while the metal structure will be treated with surface paint, which not only looks beautiful but also increases its service life.

الاستفسار الآن


Interior Layout

  • Footprint Area: 4 x 6m(24㎡)

  • Inner Tent Dimension: ≈4 x 5m (20㎡)

  • Guests: 1 – 2

  • Bedrooms: 1

  • Bathroom: Yes

  • Air Conditioning: Yes