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Luxuriöses geodätisches Kuppelhaus in den Bergen

In the scorching summer, come to the BLH glamping land together, breathe the air of 26 degrees, bask in the sun of 26 degrees, count the stars, live in Glamping-Kuppelzelte, and have a love of hawthorn trees under the stars in summer. The Glamping-Resorts area is a unique alpine geographical environment, with the “desolate” characteristics of “late spring, cool summer, early autumn, and cold winter”. Even in midsummer, the climate is very cool, and it is a well-known summer resort.


The main luxury geodesic dome home in this resort are the romantic tents camping outdoor and Safarizelte provided by Sterne Glamping. Total 20 luxury glamping dome tents are distributed at the highest point of the resort. The Glamping-Kuppelzelt covers an area of about 28 square meters, with a 1.8m large bed, hemispherical appearance, transparent glass windows, built-in independent bathroom, air conditioning, and is located at the highest point. close to the top of the sky,Lying on the big bed, through the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows of the luxury geodesic dome home, you can see the morning sunshine in the morning and the starry sky at night.


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