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Transparentes 360°-Kuppelzelt aus PC-Luxus, um nachts den Sternenhimmel zu sehen

Transparent PC luxury dome tent without metal support parts, with a 360 ° fully transparent view, spherical structure stability, impact resistance, high wind resistance rating, non-toxic and odorless, high security.

In the newly promoted CKYH scenic area, there is not only a clear and transparent salt lake, but also a fully transparent glamping dome. Which allows you to experience the dreamy lake mood from a full perspective in the star room. With snow-capped mountains in the distance and a sparkling lake, standing in it is like another copy of you by nature. When the earth sleeps, the train stops working and the stars peek out, lie on the soft bed in the Star Room, let go of the fatigue of work and the tedium of life, and enjoy the tranquility given by nature.

Transparent pc luxury dome tent is a new characteristic travel and residence product made of polycarbonate shell with aluminum frame. Transparent pc luxury dome tent is suitable for all kinds of scenic spots, B&B, campgrounds, field complexes, sky gardens, villas and other environments, and can be used as a special housing and restaurant applications, is a new outdoor lifestyle products close to nature.

Der 360° fully transparent pc luxury dome tent is a free splicing combination, highly flexible and movable. It is like a mobile tent in the outdoors, sleeping under the vast starry sky and waking up in the first light of the morning. In such a living environment, the sky is a line, as if in the world beyond, do you want to try? If you want to added this Glamping-Kuppelzelt for your campsite, please contact with us!