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Luxury Winter Igloo Hotel – Outdoor Glamping Glass Dome Tent

Staying at luxury winter igloo hotel, the outdoor glamping dome tent like a bright sapphire. Lake Selim has a starry sky theme, with luxurious glass spherical tents scattered across the desert like planets, making visitors feel like they are inhabiting the Milky Way.

El glass glamping dome is connected to the desert in northern China and looks like the Milky Way, full of mystery. The glass dome tents which looks like a planet, allowing guests to enjoy the romance of both camping and stargazing. According to the climate characteristics of the desert, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. The insulation layer inside is equipped with air conditioning, so that guests can stay comfortably all year round. The glass dome tent placed a double bed, dining table and chairs, decorated with lights. the transparent part of the glass igloo as a stargazing floor windows, you just lie comfortably, the starry sea dome is close at hand.

El glass dome tent provide a unique living experience of looking up at the stars in the snow in winter. The glass igloo’s cover material is laminated single layer tempered glass with aluminum alloy framework, which it is stronger and durable. The glass is thickness is 5mm with blue, transparent or grey color, it can provide custom as your request. Even if the glamping glass dome is set up in desert terrain, we will provide solutions according to the terrain where it is set up.

When you look up at the Salim Lake see a starry, unpolluted blue sky that is rare in the city. You will be overwhelmed by nature with this unique desert camping experience. If you want to increase the occupancy rate of the campground, this glass glamping dome tent will be a good choice.