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Outdoor Glamping Tent Luxury Adheres To The Awe And Love Of Nature!

Outdoor glamping tent luxury adheres to the awe and love of nature. In this remote and quiet outdoor environment, everything is in harmony with nature. It is the best choice for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the rugged wilderness, primitive tradition, and wild life. During the stay, they can participate in a variety of activities to explore the vast landscape and open wild scenery.

Luxury hotel tent is located in the open and spacious, marvelous geological scenery. This glamping resorts located in the depths of mountain, but has luxury modern facilities. There are total 15 units hotel tents, 5 units Luxury Tent – Gemini for family living, 10 units Tienda de campaña de lujo – Hexágono for 1-2 peoples staying. The tent hotel is spacious in design, and has a bathtub, independent bathroom and shower, which not only ensures a comfortable and interesting living experience.

These glamping hotel tents all equip with double glass wall, double roof design make the tent has good heat insulation effect. In the hot desert, it not only ensures a good living environment, but also reduces the consumption of electric energy. Harmony between man and nature has always been the enterprise philosophy of stars.