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Una elección perfecta para una fiesta al aire libre: Safari Tent Tipi

The new glamping case ‘A Perfect Outdoor Party Choice – Safari Tent Tipi.’

Huawei Base China covers an area of 1.2 square kilometers. Except for the Huawei R&D building, the rest of the buildings are low-density buildings with single-digit floors. They are designed in accordance with the layout of modern gardens, with green trees on the periphery and ponds in the interior. In order to enrich the lives of employees, they taken our Safari Tent – Tipi to build a bonfire activity camp. With the theme of “gathering hearts, understanding, and happy outdoor travel” on the green space of the base.

This safari tipi party tent by lighting, furniture, decorative accessories. It’s unique atmosphere will help for your activities to create an amazing background. Whether birthday celebrations, wedding, corporate party, anniversary, events or other activities are the focus. Based on the Indian conical architecture, this tienda de safari was created for activities.

Safari Tent – Tipi is made with polyester cotton cloth fabric. And the main frame structure is 80mm large carbonized wood profiles. It not only has charm and characteristics, but also has a close and quaint feeling. The tipi party tent can be fast to install and remove, after the weather condition test. It has the waterproof, solid and durable, can withstand strong wind, rain and sunshine. The tipi party tents size can customize according to the activity field. It can be placed on the soft or hard land. Applicable to a variety of solutions for you.

All of our glamping tents leave only a green footprint on the environment, be it by the ocean coastline, on the beach, in the countryside, on an estate, remote logistical expedition base camps or as a private lake cabin in paradise. Want to make your camp more active? Choose the Stars Glamping Tent, we will provide you with a best tents solution for your resort.