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Outdoor Glamping Dome Tents make the perfect back to nature!

Glamping is more than just spending time in nature. It’s also the perfect solution for just enjoying the moment! This camp follows new ideal integration into nature, with outdoor glamping dome tents. To create a beautiful life scene that nature and material enjoyment, allowing you to embrace the unique blend of originality.


Walking into the camp, you see about 10 units outdoor glamping domes, semi-circular shapes like the stars scattered around the world. The tienda domo glamping has a total area of 28.26 Sqm and is suitable for 1-2 people. The main audience is couples or newlyweds. The space inside the tent has been carefully designed, with different furnishings used to express different spatial feelings in geodesic domos.



In addition to the furniture placement, there is a separate bathroom space, fitted with the appropriate equipment, which further enhances the guest’s tent stay experience. Guests can find the perfect spot to relax in the inviting interior of the tienda domo glamping. A third of the transparent windows in camping tents allow you to see out even when you are indoors, and the transparent skylights in tents touch the starry sky anytime and anywhere at night. At this camp, experience nature by day and stay under the stars in a tent by night, offering your guests a unique vacation experience.. Offer the most amazing accommodations in a perfectly designed Glamping de estrellas. Your guests will find there all they need to disconnect from everyday life and relax.