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Glamping Domes – Allowing People To Find The Fairy Tale Of The Stars!

SL Star Dome Glamping Tent Camp is located in the Northwest of China, is the only high-end resort hotel in Happy Valley. The scenic spot is located in Happy Valley, surrounded by colorful slide, tube rail slide, go-kart and other experience projects, creating an overall atmosphere of fashion, youth and fun.High above the hills and between the fertile fields, the dômes de glamping spot in the north and south of the border offer stargazers an excellent view of the stars, allowing people to find the fairy tale of the stars and moons in their dreams.

There are star glamping dome tent accommodation area, wooden house residential area, bar catering area, very suitable for leisure vacation, among which the white tent is combined into a 520 shape and two love, is also a romantic dating mecca. Lying on the bed in the star glamping dome tent at night, looking at the starry sky and the Milky Way visible to the naked eye.

SL Star Dome Glamping Tent Camp is an early introduction of star glamping dome tent scenic area in Xinjiang. The first 30 star glamping dome tents were introduced here in 2018, and the number has increased to 62 this year. At the same time, the geodesic star dome tent is equipped with an independent bathroom, and a star bar that can accommodate about 60 people is also built to create an excellent experience. Stars Tent geodesic domes allows you to experience the fun of returning to nature in a camping way and experience the unique camping culture and life style.