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Small Glamping Tents On The Mountains ‘Sleeping Under The Sea Of Clouds’

Le small glamping tents on the mountains, you will to watch a sunrise over a sea of clouds and a bright star river. Come to NBS camp, let you fully enjoy the moment and see the great mountains and rivers.

The NBS camp is located in the core area of the top of the mountain, facing the snow-capped mountains, the sunrise and the sea of clouds. According to its unique geographical location surrounded in the middle, the glamping tents hotel to meet the requirements of different groups of people.

This outdoor hotel has 88 triangular small glamping tent and 16 glamping dome tents, which it can accommodate 150 people for dining and living. The dome glamping tent has an indoor area 18 square meters as a double bed room for 1-2 people living. The appearance of the small glamping tent is a triangular shape, which is composed of galvanized steel pipe and waterproof Oxford cloth. It is located on a mountain path, there is a small leisure space for watching the sunset and sunrise. It is suitable for small children paradise.

From a distance, the small glamping tents in the shape of pandas are particularly eye-catching among the mountains and green waters of the camp. The sun is shining during the day, the tent room is bright, and the blue sky against the pure white big bed is particularly fresh and pleasant. At night, lie on your back on glamping tent’s bed with a skylight with your friends and loved ones. And watch the starry Milky Way at night, so that you can enjoy the romance of the snow-capped starry sky while lying in bed.

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