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Product Description

The innovative design of safari party tent derived from the concept of bamboo lantern. The combination of the original ecological wooden support rod structure with the cone top is impressive and noticeable. Where safari tent located, it will be a spotlight becoming a traveling commemorative check -in attraction of this place. It is an ideal space that attracts eye-catching outdoor activities.

The overall structure of Safari Glamping Tent – Lantern is a conical shape with waterproof and fireproof PVDF tarpaulin cover. The support design of wooden round log is also closer to nature ecology. Tourists can organize outdoor activities under the safari party tent, like family picnics during the day, tea time with friends and proposal events of lovers. When the night comes, the decoration of the lighting would be warm and romantic, family Union and romantic incidents can left more precious memories of travelers.

Stars Glamping Tent Manufacturer is specialized in creating a luxury party glamping scene. The decorative layout of the plywood safari tent makes the camping scene more interesting and immersive . The Indian tribal style lantern tents design brings the breath of natural fields into the park to help your activities go smoothly. It is the first choice for catering service providers, flower shops, artists and activists.

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Interior Layout

  • Footprint Area: 3.5 x 3.5m(12.25㎡)

  • Top Height: 6m

  • Guests: 4 – 6

  • Application: Party / Bar Conter / Glamping