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Tenda Glamping Safari 4 stagioni di lusso per famiglie in vendita

With the development of the cultural tourism market, the product structure of STARS GLAMPING has become more and more diversified. The 4 season luxury safari tent is a newly developed and designed double-top structure tent with africa style, which is suitable for various outdoor applications.

The main structure of 4 season luxury safari glamping tent follows the prefabricated structure of aluminum alloy frame and canvas roof structure, but adopts the structure design of double-layer roof, which looks very exotic. From the inside to the outside, it is the inner original decorative cloth, the aluminum foil composite thermal insulation material, the PVC coated tarpaulin, and the most external scene is the waterproof and breathable canvas. The double-roof structure raises the overall height of the tent. Layers of densified roofs and breathable screens can prevent mosquitoes from entering in the wild, protect privacy, and have better thermal insulation effects, which can be used in the wild for a long time.



In addition to the structural features of the double top, canvas is also a major feature of luxury safari glamping tent.  The canvas itself has great tension and texture, and it has good air permeability, which can promote the interior of the tent. The designer chooses light linen canvas to create a brisk and bright outdoor holiday style. Bamboo elements are used on the periphery of the main support of the luxury safari glamping tent, with some belt elements. The overall vision is full of high-end sense. Including the internal layout and furniture soft decoration, the wood color is also used, incorporating the elements of Southeast Asian pure natural handmade rattan, highlighting the beauty of simplicity and nature, and creating a strong tropical style. In particular, the ample sunlight shines into the room, and the leisurely and lazy holiday style is about to come out.



IL luxury safari glamping tent itself is a boxy shape, and the four sides have good ductility, so it supports customizing a variety of sizes, such as 4x6m, 5x7m, 5x9m etc., can be accurately judged according to the actual size, including the material of the side wall, multi-sided transparent PVC tarpaulin can be used to greatly enhance the indoor lighting and permeability, and the order of the four side walls can be interchanged, which can be easily realized Design concept with no boundaries with nature.