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Manufactured Outdoor Permanent Safari Tents For Camp

Outdoor permanent safari tents are destined to be inseparable from the original nature. The lodge tent structure with herringbone roof has an open African hunting style appearance. You can freely choose one-bedroom or two-room layout design. The bedroom, bathroom, dining room and terrace are all available. So you can easily enjoy a comfortable home-like feeling even on vacation. At the same time, you can experience the luxury and chic leisure vacation.


IL tenda safari’s wooden structure and steel nodes used in the tent frame have been tested for durability. All we can do is to make our products blend in with nature, and the vagaries of nature are the best test of our quality of craftsmanship. The outer fabric of the lodge tent is PVC tarpaulin, which is flame retardant and mildew resistant to wind, frost and rain. The ventilation window design is not limited, and the built-in insulation cotton can make the interior like spring in all seasons.



How long of the tenda safari service time?

Depending on the product and the area of use, the life span of the product can be 8-10 years.

Can be cold-resistant and warm?

IL tenda glamping can make insulation layer, and with the heating and cooling air conditioner, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, free from environmental and climatic troubles.

How about the cleaning for tenda safari?

The outer fabric is self-cleaning, mildew-proof and leak-proof, durable. If there is accumulated traffic on the surface, water can be rinsed.


Wild luxury nomadic tent is a personalized product. like cloth, lighting, air conditioning, bathroom and other indoor facilities. As long as you have demand, we will design for you. Even if a piece of grass, a wood, a beach, install our tenda safari, your world is poetry and faraway places. Add more occupancy to your campground investment, please contact with Glamping delle stelle!