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Amazing Glamping! Eco Hotel Canvas Safari Tent For Family Living

Imagine what a fun experience it would be to listen to “Forest Rhapsody” while eating and chatting in front of a canvas safari tent hut on a starry summer night.

Now more than ever, people who are busy and depressed want a moment to break away from their daily routine, explore new things outdoors, and be one with nature, but at the same time want the comforts of home. The canvas safari tent will be the answer, this tent can provide your guests with the spaciousness and comfort of a luxury hotel room, while being surrounded by nature.

The unique double-layer roof design of the canvas safari tent can provide good ventilation, which is very suitable for the summer. With air conditioning, you can get a comfortable feeling outside. The curved top shape with steel pipe frame structure, not only brings a fun design, but also it is stronger and durble.

The canvas safari tent also has the function of effectively resisting rain and preventing water pockets. The well-equipped furniture, electrical appliances and sanitary facilities in the interior provide everything that a hotel room has. Roll-up screens create the ultimate outdoor feel and resist mosquitoes, ensuring a comfortable stay.

After a long day of exploring adventures, returning from hiking in the wild, or coming from a busy city, your guests can relax in the canvas safari tent and watch the sun go down, feeling the peace and serenity of the moment.