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Elegant and Luxury Safari Glamping Tent – Gemini On Sale!

Nowadays, in order to attract tourists in tourist attractions, various types of hotels emerge in an endless stream. However, the appearance of Glamping Tents has also become a celebrity-like existence in resorts scenic spots. It not only has a unique shape design, but also can build a hotel place that is perfectly integrated into the environment without destroying the natural environment of the scenic spot, which is perfectly in line with the green nature of nature. Environmentally friendly conditions. The emergence of one of the brand-new Glamping Tent – Gemini has led to a new direction for new hotel venues.

Glamping Tent – Gemini, as the name implies, adopts the design of double pagoda at the top of the tent, which is full of fashionable and elegant European style. In the natural setting off, it is like a luxurious wilderness in the suburbs. More importantly, the interior of the safari glamping tent has a larger space for use than the conventional tent hotel, and the application area will be wider. Such as: scenic camps, hotel accommodation, outdoor event parties, leisure and entertainment venues, specialty catering and so on.


The reason why the glamping tents can be reused is because the tent has a modular assembled structure, which can be flexibly installed and disassembled. Luxury safari glamping tent can be decorated from the inside out to create a unique style for each glamping tent. In order to be more integrated into the surrounding environment, various colors and patterns are spray-painted on the tarpaulin opening on the outside of the wall to design different theme hotels, and there are also fully transparent floor-to-ceiling glass walls to choose from. The whole view is in full view. Among them, the interior decoration can be matched with various accessories such as furniture, home appliances, bedding, lighting, bathroom, carpets, luxurious curtains, etc., creating a romantic and warm atmosphere in the interior.