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Tenda Glamping Geodésica Dome – Abrace o sonho e o céu estrelado!

Starry Sky Glamping Spot located in north of China, this camp hopes to create a unique glamping tent geodesic dome kit on the prairie with the characteristics of enjoying the natural wild interest and sleeping on the star river to provide tourists with the luxury outdoor experience of the resort. Therefore, according to the terrain and local climate of the camp, we provide It recommended our hot-selling product – the geodesic domes glamping tent, which can be built without a concrete foundation and maintains the ecological natural environment. At a glance, several white starry dome tents are dotted on the prairie, making people unconsciously attracted by this unique shape.

The 6m diameter geodesic domes glamping tent has 28 square meters of interior space, enough to accommodate a double bed or two single beds, a separate shower room, and related furniture such as tables and chairs. The exterior adopts a translucent tarpaulin style, allowing tourists to see the sunrise and sunset afterglow in the geodesic dome glamping tent. At the same time, curtains are also arranged in the tent to ensure the privacy of tourists. At the top of the glamping dome tent, there is a pentagonal PVC skylight. During the day, the sun shines directly, and tourists will not feel too dark in the tent to affect the mood of the tour. When night comes, tourists can see the bright star river through the skylight of the glamping dome tent. Embrace the myth of the moon and stars in this dream.

In addition to this hot-selling glamping geodesic dome tent, Stars Tent team can also provide you with a full range of solutions from glamping dome tent product design, material selection, custom production, internal planning and all other campsite solutions.