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Construa uma barraca de glamping com banheiro para acomodação

New Glamping Resorts – build a glamping tent with bathroom for accommodation. How long has it been since you’ve seen the beauty of nature? How long have you not enjoyed the starlight? How long has it been since you’ve been romantically involved with your loved one? Then come to LK Camp, bring your loved ones with you to camp out here, breathe the free air, and feel the romantic and comfortable “Outdoor Living” camping lifestyle.

LK Camp combined with the unique local advantages, we manufactured the Tenda Safari – Estrela Polar, continue to make efforts in product creation and drive the development of other surrounding industries. The camp environment is very good, with excellent geographical location and scenery. Located in the grassland of the scenic area, the flat terrain is conducive to the development of various activities in the camp.

The camp build glamping tent with hot tub, it comes with a small courtyard and a swimming pool. The entire roof of the luxury tent is covered with a green security net that blends in with the surrounding greenery. Only when you get closer can you see the barraca de safári glamping. There are two beds and separate wet and dry toilets. The barraca de safári glamping balcony area has a relaxing area for friends and family. The material of the barraca de safári de lona is made of high-quality PVC Fabric Material for the roof and imported pine for the frame, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the safari tent.

If you want to let your client also experience “Outdoor Living” camping lifestyle, then contact Acampamento de Estrelas. Our safari tents are designed to meet campsites, Airbnb, hotels, holiday parks, tourism, lodges, etc. Surrounded by nature to 5-star luxury resorts and camping’s, we know the value of getting good tourist reviews and top experiences for our customers. We combines these unique properties of a tenda de acampamento de luxo with the luxury and comfort of home, to bring the their guests closer to nature.