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Desfrutando das barracas de acampamento do Safari Selvagem em estilo africano com a família

Enjoying the african style of wild Safari Camping Tents with family and friends. Want to get back to nature for a relaxing, spiritual leisure travel experience? Come to YSDJ Camp and you will be able to experience lively farmhouse camp. With the rapid development of rural tourism, camp construction has become an important part of rural tourism. YSDJ camp combines safari tent camping with rural tourism to enrich the content of the camp and enhance the appeal of leisure agriculture to realize value addition. YSDJ camp will offer you an immersive outdoors experience.

There are three Safari Tent – Venus, each 35 square feet, with PVC tarpaulins and waterproof oxfords to create African tribal-style camping lodge tent. Our philosophy is the premise of without sacrificing the rural natural environment, let you live in safari tents is closer to nature. The luxury camping tent has water, electricity and a spacious double bed. When necessary, the indoor can also provide tatami or wood floor as a mattress, to meet the needs of customers to rest. Each luxury tent glamping location offers a 3x5m balcony area to make guests have space to relax..  The safari camping tent have natural eco friendly wood fired tubs. Enjoy ultimate relaxation with special time spent under the stars with your favourite tipple.

Want to get your guests back to nature and the great outdoors with all the modern equipment and a few extra luxuries to enjoy a cool and charming camping experience? Direct Mail to Acampamento de Estrelas, we are manufacturer about safari tent camping and cúpulas de glamping to improve your camping experiences and adventures. We stand for longevity, durability, practicality and style.