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Novas ideias de acomodação – Tenda de luxo – Hexágono para hotel glamping

The new accommodation ideas ‘Luxury Tent – Hexagon’ for glamping hotel. The warmth of the autumn sun is slightly drunk, cozy and natural, warmth and elegance are harmoniously blended. Strolling under the lawn, light spills diagonally through the leaves. When look up, feel like I’m in an animation, full of deep green, dotted with stars. And the clear sky is also dyed in light green tones by this greenery.

In the glamping site, there are about thirty single hexagon tents, each tent is like a small independent villa. Although the luxury resort tents are small, with an area of only 42 square meters, they are fully equipped with a simple design, with viewing balconies and independent bathrooms, perfect for a private vacation. As a semi-permanent building, the hexagon tent can be set up and put into use quickly. For the glamping hotel tent that is placed outdoors all year round, safety is not to be ignored. The luxury hexagon tent for sale is made of galvanized steel tube as the frame structure, and its service life can reach more than 10 years.

The periphery is wrapped with PVC canvas, waterproof and flame retardant. which largely relieves tourists’ worries and guarantees the safety. The color of the tent canvas is deep khaki, which it keep the appearance of traditional 4 season glamping tents. And can be more harmoniously integrated into the natural beauty. The luxury hotel tent takes the glass wall, the comfort of staying will be higher, taking into account all kinds of needs as well as indoor light to meet the standard.

Luxury outdoor tents from the appearance, structure, to soft furnishings with all the free customization. Stars Glamping wild luxury hotel hexagon tent customization has a variety of series of shapes to choose from, each with unique features, different styles. The hotel owners can be judged according to the actual environment of scenic spots. Elegant and stylish unique shape is the advantage of the luxury tent accommodation. It can be achieved with the natural blend, give people a refreshing feeling, to attract tourists to come.