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Uma Tenda Deluxe Eco Hotel – Poesia e Romance

What will you choose: a cosy lodge safari tent or an luxury tent? We always have a tent that fits in with your campsite: from small to large, and from modern and luxurious to a more classic glamping experience. Our eco hotel tents have a long life time, and they are a profitable investment. Would you like to rent out your tents year-round? Our tenda de acampamento de luxo makes it possible. View our wide range of available tents!

A Deluxe Eco Hotel Tent – Poetry And Romance. At Saishang Forest City, you have come to the right place for a unique glamping experience! We were proud to be given a chance to supply glamping tents for this amazing project. In 2021, we installed the 70 units Safari Tent – Superstar and 30 units Luxury Tent – Hexagon.

The classic wooden pole frame structure Tenda Safari – Superstar design. These guests staying the deluxe safari tents experience the ultimate glamping feel. They can literally dream away in a world of savannas, jungles and tundras. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind nature experience that guests will never forget! They also would like to sharing the tent experience with theirs family and friends.

A varied selection of eco hotel tents: something for everyone. The Luxury Tent – Hexagon with fully furnished with a comfortable seating and dining area, a spacious terrace. Most of the tents are also equipped with a private bathroom with a walk-in shower. The hotel tent is surrounded by glass walls, making the whole tent looks luxurious and more secure. Guests can also opt for a cheaper option such as the Tenda Safári. In short, there is something for everyone.