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Descrição do produto

As the professional glamping tent manufacturer, Stars Glamping was developed a Luxury Tent – Libra with three roof unique design, It is based on some architectural prototypes in extremely hot and sunny countries, so that Make it easier to dissipate heat indoors.

Luxury Tent – Libra use a double-layered roof system by adding 90% polyethylene high-density and high-stretch shade cloth, stitched with thread about 80cm above the roof. This keeps the tent cool during the day and prolongs the life of the luxury tent. The shade cloth is reinforced with the fabric of the central panel to ensure durability. The transparent glass around the reception glamping tents is a tempered glass wall that adopts international standards for windproof, heat insulation and noise reduction.

Luxury Tent – Libra can be divided into three independent spaces according to the area and area of the roof, and we can make different interior layout plans according to different regional functions. The reception tent makes the perfect for your glamping resorts, which can fit around 50-80 people. It can also be used to do small activities, such as gatherings among friends or drinking parties, etc.

Spacious, airy and authentic are the main guidelines for the development of the tent and we believe it will soon make its mark in the tourism industry. The luxury reception tent brings you a new and unforgettable living experience both indoors and out.

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Layout Interno

  • Footprint Area: 12.4 x 23.4m(290.16㎡)

  • Inner Tent Dimension: ≈ 10 x 21m (200㎡)

  • Guests: 50 – 80

  • Bar Counter: Yes

  • Washroom: Yes

  • Ar Condicionado: Sim