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Descrição do produto

Luxury Tent – Uranus, also called wild luxury hotel tent. The walls of glamping Luxury Tent – Uranus manufactured by sound insulation and heat preservation hollow glass floor-to-ceiling windows, the use of PVDF membrane in the top tension down. In addition to the appearance of more aesthetic, the glamping tent’s PVDF is also more tough membrane material, in the outdoor extremely cold climate can still maintain a very high degree of softness, not easy to be bad weather. And the cover of glamping Luxury Tent – Uranus has a certain degree of light transmission, when the lights are on, the light through the soft top cloth, will emit a faint halo, extremely attractive.

The front and back of the glamping Luxury Tent – Uranus are made of insulated glass walls with large area of sound insulation and heat preservation, which provides better light and viewing space. We make the glamping Luxury Tent – Uranus is a viewing balcony extended from the whole platform with anti-corrosive wood panels. In the early morning or evening, standing on the balcony, the gentle scent of nature comes from the wind, feeling the fragrance of birds and flowers, all this is the enjoyment of body and soul brought by the wild luxury camp tent hotel.

The elegant and charming design of glamping Luxury Tent – Uranus, it is harmoniously integrated with the beautiful natural scenery.

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Layout Interno

  • Floor Area: 10.6 x 7.7m(81.62㎡)

  • Inner tent dimension: Irregular Octagon (32㎡)

  • Convidados: 1 – 2

  • Quartos: 1

  • Banheiro: Sim

  • Ar Condicionado: Sim