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Product Description

The Aries is designed for those who seek the thrill of the outdoors without compromising on comfort and elegance. With its spacious interior, modern amenities, and sturdy structure, the Aries is an epitome of sophistication in the realm of safari tents.

Exterior Elegance: The distinctive hump-shaped top of the Aries Safari Tent is not only a striking visual feature but also an architectural triumph. This elegant curve is designed to offer an extra sense of space and grandeur inside the tent. Its sweeping canvas roof and expansive deck provide the perfect setting for morning coffees or evening relaxation.

Interior Comfort: Step inside to discover a sanctuary equipped with all the comforts of home. The interior has 2 bedrooms and can accommodate 4 guests. The Aries offers a generous living space, complete with plush bedding, a cozy lounge area, and a private bathroom. The thoughtful design includes 7 windows, inviting in the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Built to Last: Engineered for durability, the Aries Safari Tent stands resilient against the elements. Whether nestled in the quiet woods or located on In the valley, it promises a safe and stable haven for all your adventures.

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Interior Layout

  • Floor Area: 8 x 5m(40㎡)

  • Inner tent dimension: 6.15 x 5m (37.5㎡)

  • Guests: 3-4

  • Bedrooms: 2

  • Bathroom: Yes

  • Air Conditioning: Yes