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Outdoor Event Party Glamping Tipi Tent – Luxury Experience

Will you take outdoor event party at glamping tipi tent? Life is not only about daily necessities, food, oil and salt, but also poetry and distance. The poetic life near makes up for all the regrets. SLY Camp offers you a comprehensive experience of outdoor recreation, entertainment, accommodation and so on. The Safari Tent – Tipi is set up on the grass. The air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant. Take a camping trip in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As an activity glamping tipi tent has a pyramid shape, which can naturally integrate into the outdoor environment and create a stronger sense of atmosphere. In particular, it has the advantage of the height, which is not only eye-catching, but also a good landmark building in both day and night. Designed to unfold 360 degrees, safari tipi tent is designed to allow people outside to embrace and enjoy nature, transforming from an enclosed indoor environment into a semi-open or fully open mode to enjoy the party. The glamping tipi tent use a regular polygon design. The taper has been improved and verified many times so that the tipi tent center is low, the overall height is 6m-12m, the roof has a vent design, small direction can be adjusted according to the weather conditions. Inside the fire, barbecue does not affect the use of the tent effect, the maximum extent to maintain the use of the internal space, wind resistance is very reliable.

The combination of traditional log support and cotton canvas allows people to get a sense of atmosphere in an instant. The original atmosphere is completely separated from the real steel and cement, giving people an illusion of crossing the history in a trance. The bottom ventilation window can not only prevent mosquitoes, rain, but also ventilation. Large good ventilation can not only adjust the temperature, humidity, air freshness in the tipi tent, but also effectively reduce the inner wall of the tent condensation.

If you’re looking for a party tent that can stand upright, accommodate a large number of people, cook over a fire and be safe for your events or party, the glamping tipi tent won’t disappoint.