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A Quiet Getaway Hidden In The Mountains – Eco Hotel Glamping Tent

Located in Beijing, there are many glamping hotel tents are arranged in a natural way in the mountains, each with its own terrace where you can sit, make a pot of tea and capture the view of the mountains from sunrise to sunset.

The exterior of the eco hotel glamping tent retains the original ecological character of the countryside, while the interior is five-star finely furnished with butler service. The natural and serene valley is a mix of luxury and simplicity, a natural blend of the enjoyment of an urbanized star hotel and the tranquility of ecological nature.

Eco Hotel Glamping Tent is designed to be green, eco-friendly and comfortable. Without destroying the natural environment, the safari tents are full of stylish classics that combine delightful wildness with luxury, giving busy people in the city more access to the charms of tented hotels.

The use of 76mm diameter black painted galvanized steel framework is sturdy and stable. In the layout of the eco hotel glamping tent construction itself, it pays attention to the open space, which is transparent and bright, blending with nature. Glamping Tent Hotel can be equipped with comfortable and luxurious large bed, and has a separate conjoined bathroom. So, still looking for a comfortable eco safari tent to lodge? Please contact us to know more details!