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A Small Safari Venus Tent For Romantic Encounter In Autumn

Let’s go camping at MHK Camp Land! It will let you experience the happiness of the sky and the ground, the coolness of the breeze, the nostalgia of insects and frogs, and the brilliance of the stars and the moon. Stars Glamping provide the Safari Tent – Venus for MHK Camp Land, it attracted a lot of tourists to stay.

During the period of building safari venus tent, Stars Glamping considered that it with a comfortable and hidden space. This small safari tent on the campsite selected high-quality PVC coated polyester fabric, to make the tent tarpaulin is exquisite and luxurious. And ensuring that each lodge safari tent can bring tourists the most comfortable camping experience!

The whole design of safari venus tent, use the most stable triangular shape, which is suitable for 1-2 people to live in. The selected imported wood makes the color of the whole tent closer to nature.Even if it is windy or rainy, there will be no damage. Each lodge safari tent on the camp has its own unique beauty, and you can make a movie with just one shot to satisfy the little romantic fantasy of girls.

The luxury safari venus tent has a large space and good privacy. There is a double bed. This is a private little world for couples. And also it can used for restaurant as a dining room. You can choose different glamping tent styles according to the needs of the camp.