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Unterkunftszelt für die Fußballweltmeisterschaft in Katar – Spezielles Glamping-Kuppelzelt in der Wüste!

Have you ever seen the special glamping dome tent in the desert? Welcome to Qatar World Cup Accommodation Tent Hotels! The most recent keyword must be the Qatar World Cup. A year ago, Qatari merchants had been planning various entertainment activities in full swing.

We have manufactured the glamping domes, pagoda tent and event tents for Qatar World Cup as accommodation tent. This is the most successful project of Stars Glamping for tent hotels. The glamping site is located in the inland sea, the natural border between Qatar and Arabia. Qatar is very popular in desert safari tour. When you ride a luxury off-road vehicle across the quiet sand dunes, you can immerse yourself in it and experience an exciting roller coaster ride. On the way, we stopped to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the inland sea. The inland sea is the natural border of Saudi Arabia, giving you a chance to enjoy the tranquility of the eternal desert.

Tent hotel in qatar, a novel way of accommodation, has become the biggest selling point here. A total of 50pcs glamping dome tents are built in the park, inside with independent toilets. There are plenty of entertainment programs in the park, including beach volleyball, barbecue party, buffet, water airship and other activities, which make you unable to stop for a day. Stay in the special Glamping-Kuppelzelt at night and feel the mysterious night in the desert.

If you want to build wonderful Qatar tent accommodation to increase your income, please contact us or leave your message.We can custom different size of Glamping-Kuppelzelt, luxury safari tents and accommodation tent for hotel resorts.