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Camped At Geo Dome Tent To Watching The Sunrise And Sunset

Camped at the geo dome tent to watching the sunrise and evening sunset? This XLYH transparent glamping geo dome tent camp in Lijiang City not only allows you to watch the sunrise and sunset, but also can see the stars in bed.

El geo dome shelter camp is located in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province, where the gerberas bloom in full force in the spring. The camp is very big, with 10 tents, ponds and streams, and local villagers have plum deer. Walking around the camp, blowing the wind on the mountains, watching the sunset and the evening sun, teasing the deer, waiting for the night to fall and having a campfire party under the stars, that’s the meaning of life.

There is a glamping geo dome tent made by Glamping de estrellas, this tent is not only simple and fashionable in shape, but also the round body has excellent wind and snow resistance, which is very suitable for outdoor camping accommodation. About one-third transparent floor-to-ceiling view window can enjoy the scenery around the camp very well.

People are herd animals, but no one likes to spend all day struggling to move through crowds of people like a bus or subway. That’s why XLYH transparent dome tent camp become a good choice for people to relax and unwind. The tienda de campaña con cúpula geodésica is located under the Goddess Ghom, sacred, beautiful and romantic, relaxing, a perfect place for vacation and relaxation, are you sure you don’t want to see it?