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The Luxury Tent – Mercury is a classic safari style that has a room body width of 6 m (19.80 ft). This unique style glamping tents comes in variable lengths.

Luxury Tent – Mercury showcases clever and economical design that combines individual tents with outdoor balconies to provide a comfortable living climate even in hot and harsh environments. At the same time, Stars Glamping has added noise-cancelling, sun-shielding, and heat-insulating outer glass walls to these luxury glamping tents, giving its tents more protection and durability, and extending the life of luxury campers. The roof is made of Waterproof and Fire Retardant PVC Coated Polyester, a unique Chinese style spire design, so that even in rainy days, the roof will not have any water accumulation. The glamping tents balconies feature insect- and mildew-resistant floors that connect the indoor leisure areas, allowing people to live within the glamping tent with greater range and space for movement.

The interior layout of Luxury Tent – Mercury is based on the different needs of investors, and we can provide different design options for selection. We make living spaces ranging from 16 to 40 square meters, different sizes of luxury glamping tents can be customized according to different usage ranges. It is the fastest to produce and easiest to install, so it is suitable for investors looking for the best glamping tent with a quick ROI.

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Diseño interior

  • Footprint Area: 7.4 x 7.4m(55㎡)

  • Inner Tent Dimension: 5 x 5m (25㎡)

  • Guests: 1 – 2

  • Dormitorios: 1

  • Baño: Sí

  • Aire acondicionado: Sí

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