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¿Cuál es la capa aislante para la carpa domo? ¿Por qué se condensa agua en el interior?

Recently many customers asked us ’What’s the insulation layer for tienda domo? Why water condensation inside?’ We are offering two types of insulation cover for geodesic domes glamping tent. The standard one and the additional layer of insulation, which we called Aluminum Foil insulation. I am adding the technical specification for you to look over.


Type 1: The Standard Insulation Layer of tienda domo glamping. It is 100% polyester fabric, 140D quilted cotton insulation layer. Mostly will be choose by clients which they from Asian Markets. The purpose of insulation layer is thermal insulation and keep warm in winter. Also it will cover the tent accessories (frame) so it looks elegant inside the tent.

Type 2: The Aluminum Foil Insulation Layer is made of advanced fiber-free, non-allergenic, and non-irritant fabric. Polyethylene foam mat on both sides, covered with polyethylene foil and aluminum. It is reflective on both sides, coated with a layer of aluminum, which reflects the radiant heat to its source, even at 85%. The fabric prevents the dome from overheating in summer and keeps the warm inside the glamping geodomo during colder days. The insulation acts as a vapor barrier, preventing excessive water condensation inside the structure. According to the manufacturer’s declaration, the mat with a thickness of 5mm is equivalent to insulation 70mm polystyrene foam. This material is completely resistant to moisture, non-hygroscopic (does not absorb moisture), and allows easy adaptation to the glamping dome’s structure.

Water condensation results from a normal physical phenomenon, which is the condensation of water vapor on a cold surface. Which occurs at certain parameters of relative humidity and surface temperature (windows, walls), called the dew point. We observe this phenomenon in various circumstances of our lives – on glasses when entering the house in the winter. Removing a cold bottle of beer from the fridge in the summer, or watching the bathroom mirror while taking a shower. Generally, the rule is that the colder the surface or, the higher the humidityt. The greater the likelihood and intensity of condensation on that surface.


You might just have to deal with condensation – sometimes, it might be unavoidable. Cool night, with no breeze. Humid weather will also be hard to deal with. Despite your best efforts, condensation may form, and a small dehumidifier will be a good solution that our customers also use in their domes.

However, if the intensity of fogging is high, and the phenomenon itself already occurs with small drops in temperature outside, you can be sure of disturbed air ventilation leading to excessive humidity in the glamping domo geodésico room.

1) The most effective way to prevent condensation is to ventilate your tienda domo and reduce the internal humidity of your tent by promoting good airflow. Examine your tent for low and high venting options and open them to let the moist airflow out. If the weather conditions permit, leave the door open.

2) The second piece of advice does not to overheat the tienda domo. Further warming the air inside the tent will increase water vapor in the air as warm air can support more moisture plus. The warmer the tent is, the more moisture will be released into the tent through evaporation and perspiration.

3) The third solution is to use the heat pump or AC device, which helps you keep the cúpula glamping at a constant temperature and decrease the humidity level.