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The shape of the glamping Luxury Tent – Tipi evolved from the indigenous Indian housing resembles a hat, with a peculiar and attractive shape, and its unique shape makes it stand out among many tents. It is deeply loved by many people.

The combination of khaki makes its ethnic style stronger, and the commercial atmosphere fades away.  glamping Luxury Tent – Tipi has a unique original flavor. The simple polyester-cotton fabric and wooden structure form a unique landscape on the vast ground.

The glamping Luxury Tent – Tipi uses the wooden structure as the frame, which is beautiful and strong. The top of the tent is covered with a polyester-cotton tarpaulin, which has good waterproof, sun-proof and fire-proof effects. In addition, the open design of the glamping Luxury Tent – Tipi not only expands the sense of internal space, but also increases the indoor lighting effect, but also ensures the circulation of the surrounding air, and the ventilation effect is good. It is suitable to use as a public place.

The unique shape design greatly improves the utilization rate of the glamping Luxury Tent – Tipi, which can be used as a restaurant, bar, lounge and so on. If you need a larger activity space, you can also connect multiple tents together, there is no limit to the number, and more people can be accommodated for different occasions.

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Diseño interior

  • Floor Area: 9.55 x 11m(105.05㎡)

  • Inner tent dimension: Octagon – Side Length 3.3m (52.56㎡)

  • Guests: 15 – 20

  • Aire acondicionado: Sí

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