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Have You Ever Seen The Hotel Dome Tent In Desert?

Have you ever seen the hotel dome tent in the desert? This luxury Hotel Dome Tent is conveniently located in the western of China, grasslands, mountains. This glamping domes is situated against the deserts and facing the starry sky, making it an ideal accommodation choice there.

Le hotel dome tent is a recreational holiday camp with a starry sky design, which combines dining, accommodation and entertainment in a unique style that is integrated with the surrounding landscape, complete with facilities and a comfortable environment.

Le hotel dome tent structure is one of the most popular tent area designs at the campsite. It is made of high strength steel with a PVC coating, it is lightweight and durable. The geodesic dome tent frame is strong enough to withstand up to 10 years of use. In addition, it can be dismantled and folded for easy transport and storage. In addition, it can be installed on asphalt, concrete or sand.

This hotel dome tents has a variety of applications, but its overall design is suitable for many uses. Like all other geodesic structures, geodesic domes are extremely robust and ideal for extreme weather conditions. As well as being energy efficient, geodesic dome tent huts are also better for the environment. Ultimately, you can enjoy your new home without having to worry about the cost or the safety of your family. In the meantime, we will provide great services and facilities glamping dome tents solutions. The beautiful starry sky campsite is not far away and we are here for your hotel resorts business!