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The Deluxe Safari Tent Looks Like A Shell – Find A Luxury Glamping Pods

Ce tente safari de luxe looks like a shell, we called Luxury Tent – Shell. Luxury tent accommodation for 1-2 peoples, located in North of China near the lake. There is a large lake and green grass in front of the glamping pods tent, your guests can enjoy the flowers and picnic to take pictures and record, and watch the sunrise and sunset outside the tent, plus the unique shape of the tent, just enjoy this wonderful time.


Le tente safari de luxe with high-quality canvas for roof and outer wall, the steel pole structure framework provides a spacious and flexible room. For the glamping pods safari tent interior facilities are all available. Like bathroom, furniture and decoration are no different from luxury hotels, so there is no difference in terms of living experience and hotels. But through the glamping pods form, so that tourists in the tente de camping can watch the outdoor nature scenery.


Le tente safari de luxe can meet the needs of more scenic campsite which has the advantages of low cost and fast installation. It’s very popular with Eco scenic resorts. Stars Tent provide different formats to choose from. To help you out, we have three standard sizes for tente safari.