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Tente Lodge Safari – Plongez vos invités dans un monde forestier de conte de fées !

Stars Glamping’s safari tents is situated along the trees with rich green surrounding spaces and the soporific sound of the wilderness. Escape to the outdoors with a tente safari lodge getaway, to increase the occupancy of your camp.


Le deluxe safari tent has a quiet environment and a strong festive atmosphere. The fancy lodge tent for camping are set in the park’s open spaces, surrounded by woods. And are designed to be erected on off-the-ground platforms to keep mosquitoes away. The canvas safari tent is arranged with a big tree around the center of the resort to fully protect the privacy of the guests.



The curved tent is designed like a sailboat. These tente safari lodge sleep up to 4 peoples, it with a large enough balcony and enough indoor space for tourists. The main living area has a king bed and there is a second bedroom with a single bed and a bunk bed. We can customized different size and colors, so that it can match your glamping resorts.



Stars Glamping provides products Tente Dôme, Tente Safari, Luxury Tent which are mainly used in Hotel, Resorts and Lodges. At the same time, we can provide customized service for different glamping tents design.