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Luxury Wild Glamping Safari Tent Nearby Sea Flower

The glamping site is located in a natural ecological protection zone in Sichuan, with 800 square meters of colorful flowers in the area. The canvas safari steel pole tent in the sea of flowers is another highlight, and watching the sea of stars in the middle of the flowers, riding horses and arrow shooting with the local people are also items that visitors are keen to experience.

Being there, it is a dream for many people to live in a different kind of tent. Large and small tents, neatly arranged, are located in the middle of the sea of flowers. Roll up the curtain in the glamping canvas safari tent, a natural landscape painting will be hanging in the house, comfortable and cozy is such a picture. When you really enter here, you will find that there are too many unknown beauty and shock.

About this canvas safari tent cleanliness, wind resistance, stretch-ability, etc. It is a very strong material, which is made of 900D oxford material cover the whole tent. So the canvas safari tent has a long service life of up to 10 years, even when subjected to wind and heavy rain. In addition the space is much larger and the content is more complete than ordinary tents.

Stars Tent Team provide cost-effective & high quality outdoor tents, clear span size like from 4m to 50m which is widely used for glamping, party, trading show, industry storage, parking places, scenic spot leisure activities etc.