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Create Your Clear Bubble Dome Tent Right Now!

Though Transparent Bubble Domes Garden world surrounded by tropical plants, looking up is the stars. This 4.2m diameter bubble dome tent for buffet locaed in Huizhou City, China. The tropical green plants that flow in. Whether day or night, it is a fairy house in your dreams. Nowadays, clear PC bubble dome tent become more and more popular. Not only can be used for glamping , but also restaurant.

IL glamping Bubble Dome Tent is a unique, frame-less and 100% transparent structure. Overlap edge design make it watertight and even stronger. The bubble dome tent comes as an assemble friendly prefabricated kit, easy to DIY and relocatable.

The main part of the bubble dome tent is made of polycarbonate (PC). The polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic resin and has the title of “King of Plastics.” The PC material has no toxic substances and has high heat resistance, good toughness and toughness. This clear bubble dome tent is equipped with glass door, windows with screen, curtains and LED lights.

Stars Glamping’s clear bubble dome tent has different sizes 3.6m, 4.8m, 5.8m diameter for restaurant, it also have connected dome tent with bathroom area design for glamping staying as a luxury hotel room. We will customized the own plan for you according to your needs. Let us help you create an authentic glamping experience with bubble glamping dome tent!