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Una tenda a cupola glamping è davvero la scelta migliore per il campeggio?

“Is A Glamping Dome Tent Really The Best Choice For Campground?” Many people have noticed that many boutique campgrounds have tenda a cupola geografica. In order to answer some of the questions that investors may be most concerned about, we has compiled some common questions and answers.


1. What is the difference between a tenda a cupola with a camping tent?
A tenda a cupola geografica has no poles, spacious space and can be equipped with all home amenities. Such as, bathroom, bedroom bed, living room, kitchen, etc. Camping tents are much smaller and more backpacker-oriented, and generally cannot accommodate home facilities. But only portable camping equipment, such as sleeping bags, small tables and chairs, etc. Therefore, the two have their own differences in space and function, and the experience is completely different.


2. Can the tenda glamping a cupola be used permanently?
Yes, although geodesic structure spherical tents are recognized as semi-permanent or temporary structures. At any time, semi-permanent structures can be allowed to be converted into permanent structures. Some of Stars Glamping’s customers have lived and operated in their dome tents for over 10 years.

3. What sizes are Tenda glamping a cupola geodetica available?
The size of geo domes tent can be designed and manufactured from 4m to 40m diameter.



4. Do I look at the cupole glamping before planning or planning before looking at the tent?
Planning before looking at glamping tent products. Whether a campground can make a short-term return and embark on a profitable period lies entirely in the site selection, financing and planning in the early stage. The speed of product design and infrastructure implementation in the middle stage, and the operation system in the late stage. The camping owners can choose the right tent according to the camp planning after the site selection.


5. What material is the tenda glamping a cupola made of?
It is supported by Q235 standard high-strength steel pipe with galvanized and painted surface, which is moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. The roof is made of double-layer PVC flame retardant and moisture-proof tarpaulin. Which has good waterproof, fireproof, anti-UV and anti-aging properties. In addition, the tenda a cupola geografica is equipped with thermal insulation cotton, solar ventilator and skylight at the same time.