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Ti sei mai accampato nella tenda Glamping a cupola geodetica?

Have you ever camped at glamping geodesic dome tent? Take advantage of the two-day weekend, invite three or five friends, between the mountains and water, feel the natural beauty. The encounter of blue sky and white clouds with high mountains and grasslands is a healing beauty at every glance, where you can breathe fresh air easily and recklessly and feel the power of nature infusing your chest.



Play in the mountains and wilderness during the day to take in the beauty of the landscape, at night hide in the glamping geodesic dome tent can follow an open-air movie wandering, can chat with friends overnight, but also can look up to the bright stars. Nature meets luxury in this unique glamping geodesic domes experience. Enjoy the privacy of a peaceful, secluded setting, complete with everything you need for a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Usually, the size used for glamping is diameter 6m geodesic dome tent, which can accommodate in 1-2 people, one bathroom. Our glamping geodesic dome tent is a semi-permanent building, can be used for 8-10 years. It can be used all year round, because our geodesic dome tent is equipped with the insulation inside which can keep warm and heat-insulating. And do not worry about the tenda a cupola geodetica in the desert or in the windy area can not be used, our tent wind resistance level can reach 80-100km / h.



Customs the geodesic dome tents for your airbnb or campground, we are perfect for first time campers and a respite for more serious campers – we do not disappoint!