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Product Description

The Luxury Tent – Gemini not only has a unique style shape design, and can not destroy the natural environment of the scenic area, but also can build a perfect integration into the environment of the hotel place, perfectly in line with the conditions of nature’s green environment. It leads a new direction of the glamping hotel resorts.

Luxury Tent – Gemini also called double peal glamping tent, as the name implies the top of the tent using the double front shape design, full of fashionable and elegant african style. Under the backdrop of nature is like being in a luxury villa in the countryside, more importantly, the interior of the glamping Luxury Tent – Gemini than the conventional hotel tent has a larger use of space, the use of the field will be more extensive, the use of areas will be more extensive, such as: scenic glamping sites, hotel accommodation, outdoor activities, parties, leisure and entertainment venues, special catering, etc.

In order to be more integrated into the surrounding environment, the glamping Luxury Tent – Gemini’s outer cover can be spray-painted with a variety of colors and patterns to design a different theme of the hotel, and there is a fully transparent floor-to-ceiling glass wall options, when staying indoors as in the outdoors, the whole view at the bottom. The glamping Luxury Tent – Gemini’s interior decoration can be matched with a variety of accessories such as furniture, home appliances, bedding, lighting, bathroom, carpets, luxury curtains, etc., to create a romantic and warm atmosphere interior.

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Interior Layout

  • Floor Area: 8.8 x 13.5m(118.8㎡)

  • Inner tent dimension: ≈6.4 x 11.08m (62㎡)

  • Guests: 1 – 2

  • Bedrooms: 1

  • Bathroom: Yes

  • Air Conditioning: Yes