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Luxury Outdoor PC Igloo Tent Geodesic Dome For Camping

Really living in the fields, the dome tent geodesic will give you a sense of sight that is in close contact with nature. The star-vacant structure does not contain metal supporting frames, and the fully transparent design has a 360° large field of vision without dead ends.

Break the inherent framework, immerse yourself in the natural world, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the fine dust flying at your fingertips, and taste the romantic meaning.

The dome tent geodesic may seem fragile, but it is made of polycarbonate sheet (bulletproof glass, explosion-proof shield base material) and aviation aluminum profiles, and it is natural and non-toxic. The anti-ultraviolet co-extrusion layer on the surface is not only suitable.

The dome tent geodesic turns yellow, can also convert sunlight into visible light, which will not damage the old heart’s ultraviolet rays.

There is no reinforced concrete barrier in the dome tent geodesic. While feeling the world, the fully enclosed electric curtains draw a boundary for you, making you sleep more peacefully.

When you are lying in the dome tent geodesic, looking at the star sea that is close at hand, listening to the chirping of insects in your ears, it will take you back to that summer night, looking for the trail of the Dragon and the Big Dipper, and looking at the bright star in the night sky, Think of the back in your memory.