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Tenda iglu de vidro luxuosa, observe o céu cheio de estrelas

Luxury Glass Igloo Tent, Watch The Sky Full Of Stars. After about three years of the epidemic, how long have you not seen the stars? Go to FMS Sky Camp is located on the top of the mountain, far away from the busy city, without the hustle and bustle of traffic, the green mountains and green waters, the fragrance of birds and flowers, air is extraordinarily fresh. We provided tendas glamping de luxo for this camp, included iglu de vidro, glamping dome tents and barraca de safári.

The most popular is the luxury glass igloo tent on the top of the mountain. There are more than 20 units glass dome tents in total. The glass doors and windows with blue crystal texture have a three-dimensional feeling. When you walk in, you can see the glass igloo is about 40 square meters. In the middle, there is a 1.8 meter large bed. The interior of glass igloos is divided into a small part as a shower room with toilet, which is fully functional. There are also two triangular glass windows installed. When you open the windows in the early morning and look out, you can hear the chirping of insects and birds. When window is closed, the 360-degree curtains are drawn, it is your own quiet little world. Standing in a 360-degree glass igloo tent with aluminum alloy at night, the sky is full of stars.

Acampamento de Estrelas focuses on the custom design of theme glamping tents in resorts, spots, cultural tourism town and home stay. Provide one-stop service from camp planning and design in scenic spots to design, production, sales and installation of outdoor hotel.