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Luxury Glamping Dome Tent – Why Not Come To Experience?

Luxury Glamping Dome Tent – Why Not Come To Experience? BSY Cultural Tourism Resort has 5 unique museums in the park and rich collections. There are also three major areas to experience special accommodation. At the same time, it is equipped with outdoor experience projects such as forest adventure and wild barbecue. It is a comprehensive resort with amusement and leisure.

When the city of steel and concrete gradually replaced the quiet countryside, when the life is overwhelming, why not put down everything, bring a simple heart, go to the city around the walk, go to the fields to embrace the natural green hills and waters? You will feel a rare warmth and comfort. Play in the mountains and water during the day, live in a luxury glamping dome tent at night and enjoy the starry sky. Here, you can get in touch with nature, use the telescope to find the brightest star in the sky, and explore the wonders of nature and life to your heart’s content.

The jeodezik kubbe çadırı adopts a spherical reticulated shell structure. We use transparent double PVC coated polyester fabric and hot galvanized steel tube with white baking finish as fabric material and frame material, which offers a lighter weight and thin-shell structure. Normally, our glamping kubbe çadırı ranges from diameter 5 meters to 35 meters or more in diameter. Small dome tents from 5 meters to 10 meters are widely used as glamping tents, outdoor hotels or luxury resort tent, etc. More than 10 meters of geodesic dome tents are used as wedding tents, event tents, exhibitions, brand launches, cinema, concert parties, and other large-scale activities.

Stars Tent will provide a comprehensive proposal and custom geodesic dome tents including project timeline, transport options and installation for global clients.