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Have You Ever Dreamed Of A Luxury Resorts Tent Experience?

Have you ever dreamed of a luxury resorts tent experience? When you stay overnight at Luxury Motel Campground, the Luxury Tent – Libra offered by Stars Glamping, you can experience it in the best possible style.

Relying on the diverse natural characteristics of forests, wetlands, islands, etc. In the National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, Luxury Motel Campground is built in the jungle according to the situation. With the theme of the jungle, it strengthens the interaction between people and the natural environment. The campground build state-of-the-art facilities and quality infrastructure for the luxury resorts tent, without compromising the authenticity. You and your loved ones can fully enjoy the beauty and wonder of this campsite recreational area.

We built a total of 4 Luxury Tent – Libra for this resorts, the fancy glamping zelt series from Stars Glamping. Each luxury tent has a custom anti-corrosion floor platform, all resorts tent are surrounded by lush green lawns overlooking the lake, and they are all away from the main hub, allowing you to be more authentically close to nature.

The charming three-peak pattern stands out for its uniqueness and architectural details, each peak represents an area, the peak area in the middle is the leisure area. And the two sides are the resting and sleeping area of the resorts tent, which can accommodate 4 people. The wall of the luxury resort tent is composed by transparent tempered glass and aluminum alloy frame. When you want to see the outdoor scenery, you can open the curtains at any time. When night falls, you can pull up the curtains to give guests enough privacy.

It is equipped with everything you could possibly need to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Step into the pinnacle area of luxury tents, where the lounge area with dining table and comfortable sofas are placed at the entrance. The side of the hotel resort tent feature a fully equipped modular kitchen, a range of handy utensils and tools. Walking into the luxury resort tent, it is also equipped with a fully equipped bathroom. Other facilities in the luxury tents include heating and air conditioning to meet the temperature requirements of different customers. In the central area of the restaurant, it elegantly connects to the extended terrace. Perfect for evening chats, wine tasting meditation and stargazing.

The luxury resort tent will be a good choice to start your camp or resorts business, we are constantly enriching our glamping tents and are always on the lookout for the highest quality materials. That’s what makes us stand out in the market!