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Live In The Landscape ‘Deluxe Safari Tent – Jupiter’

Live In The Landscape ‘Deluxe Safari Tent – Jupiter‘. Relying on the natural landscape and historical background of the area, LKYS camp radiates the surrounding towns with its IP effect of Internet celebrity. Through the Jupiter Safari Tent provided by Stars Glamping, LKYS Camp integrates the characteristic accommodation experience, making your stay here feel meaningful.

The living area of the camp build glamping tent on the platform. The whole shape of the deluxe safari tent is customized according to the unique shape of a sailboat. The whole design makes there is no water outside even in rainy days, the deluxe tents is made of waterproof PVC tarp and Oxford cloth, it can prevent water and mold more effectively.

The outside of the tent is covered with camouflage mesh, allowing you to walk into the safari tents and feel like you are still in nature. The deluxe safari tent was divided into three parts, the separation of wet and dry sanitary ware, greatly facilitating the efficiency of water use. Air conditioning is a cabinet machine, hidden in the tent inside, when sleeping and resting will not blow directly to people, at the same time, look and feel closer to the field camping. There is a double bed in the rest area of the deluxe safari tent, and the camp has a special person to clean the bedding every day to fully meet the needs of the guests. The balcony is suitable for evening, and a few friends and enjoy the sky full of stars.

LKYS Camp is suitable for a family trip to enjoy the glamping experience especially the beginner level even a team building can have fun with us. Want to make your campsite or your back garden a bit more wild and luxury-camping? Want to give your guests or yourself a romantic campfire experience? It is wise to choose Stars Glamping – Your Ideal Deluxe Safari Tent Manufacturer.